Crows Nest Workshops

I have been blessed with being able to create whimsical functional furniture for the past twenty-five years. This career provided an income that let me raise two beautiful daughters and acquire a modest home here on Marthas Vineyard. The support of friends, family, and customers are truly what made this all possible. As I look forward to the next 20 years I would like to slow down (no choice with hockey player knees) and also give back to the arts in a different way. I would like to offer one to two week residential work shops. While these work shops would not be free they would give folks an oppertunity to create, from my salvage piles--and with my assistance and supervision-- their vision of a whimsical /functional piece of beauty to put their name on and take home. Many people have had wonderful and fullfilling careers but have lacked any hands on or visual creativity. This would be an opportunity to come to beautiful Marthas Vineyard for a week or two, enjoy the magic of the island and create something very special for your home. Skill levels would not be limiting as I will be assisting at all times and to keep folks safe..priority one. Playfull tall grandfather clocks, cupboards, sideboards, tables, etc...or maybe a crazy fun TV stand for that flat screen ? All are buildable. A once in a lifetime working/play vacation on MV and you return home with your work of art!!

           While I'd love to snap my fingers and open the barn doors to welcome folks inside, the finacing of this is beyond my means, soley. So its time for me to try to be creative outside the shop. Over the years the arts have largley been possible through donations. With Go Fund Me, I am going to attempt to build the barn that will give back to the arts. ALL donations are welcome every bit counts. I will be offering incentives for larger donations and will consistantly try to change and update here on " Go Fund Me" ways to raise needed dollars. Thank you for checking my fund raiser out. Feel free to hit me up with your comments and ideas, And feel free to donate. MORE TO COME!  ~Thank You, Rich Dunbrack  



A Note from Richard